Santa's Videos

Santa lives here in Santaville with his family, thousands of elves and other helpers, plus our renowned reindeer. Most of the world's' Christmas gifts are stored and made here; Mattel, Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Samsung, Lego, ToysRUs and others have huge factories and warehouses here so Santa will always have gifts for all good boys, girls and grown-ups. Some very special sights: Santa’s Capitol, the Christmas Tree Gallery, Old St. Nick’s, the Christmas Movie Museum, the Elf District and more.

Our parks and recreation areas are green on the map but in reality they are always snow-covered; as a matter of fact, all of Santaville is snow-covered and underground so if you fly over the North Pole you cannot see Santaville – but we are here! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Santa Claus.